Motor Insurance

„In case of unforeseen incidents on the road, every vehicle in the company's fleet can be protected. Thanks to Sogessur's motor insurance package, vehicles after an accident can be operational again, and the driver and passengers can get the necessary financial support in case of health detriment“

We offer a prestige insurance package for vehicles, mainly used in the fleet. The procedure of concluding insurance contracts and settling claims is quick and easy. All this to ensure full insurance coverage when using vehicles.

Motor Third Party Liability insurance (MTPL)

We offer protection in the scope of civil liability of motor vehicle owners with respect to third parties in the event of damage to persons and property in connection with the movement of the insured vehicle.

Casco insurance

The subject of insurance are vehicles with equipment. The insurance covers damage resulting from damage, loss or loss of the subject of insurance. The insurance is based on the all risks formula.

Accidental insurance for Drivers and Passengers (NNW)

Accidental insurance covers the protection of the permanent consequences of accidents of the driver and / or passengers of the insured vehicle, arising in connection with the vehicle’s movement.

Green Card

Within Green Card insurance, Sogessur covers the protection of damages caused in the countries mentioned in the insurance document - International Car Insurance Card (Green Card System). The insurer is liable to the amount of the guarantee sum determined by the regulations of a given country, not lower than the amounts specified in the Act of May 22, 2003 on compulsory insurance, Insurance Guarantee Fund and Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau.

In case of damage / claim:

  • – If you are the victim of an incident whose perpetrator was the insured in Sogessur S.A. Oddział w Polsce, please contact April Polska Sp. z o.o. by calling: + 48 22 749 97 05
  • – If you use a vehicle owned by ALD Automotive Polska
    Sp. z o.o., please contact ALD Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o.
    by calling: +48 22 465 68 80

Actions in the event of road accident:

1. In the event of a collision, traffic safety at the accident site should be ensured.

2. If there are victims in people, care should be taken to help the injured.

3. The police should be notified if:

  • – there has been an accident with victims in people
  • – a crime has been committed
  • – there has been a serious damage to the vehicle or total damage
  • – collision participants cannot agree on the fault

Documents to download:

  • – In order to get the documents, click here.