Société Générale Insurance

Société Générale Insurance is a major bancassurance player in France and for over ten years has been exporting its know-how internationally.

Société Générale Insurance applies its expertise in the fields of life, savings, pensions, protection and general insurance in France and abroad. It brings together the capabilities of the Sogecap (life insurance and savings) and Sogessur (property and casualty insurance) insurance companies.

Société Générale Insurance combines its insurance technical know-how with the sales capabilities of the Société Générale group banking networks, providing support for its customers in managing their assets and protecting their families and property.

Its command of the bancassurance model has meant it now transacts business in 10 countries, including Poland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco etc.

Key figures 2020:

  • 23 million contracts
  • 14 million clients
  • 11.4 bn EUR premium income
  • more than 3 000 employees worldwide
  • *as of 2020/31/12