Cash Loan Insurance

„I need to protect my loved ones and be certain that the payment of future installments will be covered if I were to pass away or become unable to work.“

Being insured on your cash loan is a protection against risks that can make impossible the repayment of the monthly installments of the loan.

The Cash Loan Insurance is a financial security for the person insured and the loved ones in case something bad happens.

Cash loan insurance distributed through Bank Millennium S.A. within eurobank offer (withdrawn from sale) include the following risks and offers:

Risks covered:

  • – Death
  • – Permanent Total Disability to Work
  • – And additionally, depending on source of income:
    • Involuntary Loss of Employment
    • Temporary Total Disability
    • Critical Illness

Benefits in case of insurance event:

In case of death or Permanent Total Disability to Work, we will pay to the beneficiary 100% of the outstanding loan amount at the occurrence date plus interest due.

In case of Involuntary Loss of Employment, Temporary Total Disability or Critical Illness, we will pay 100% of the loan’s monthly installments up to 18, 6 and 10 months respectively.

Documents to download:

  • – In order to get the documents, click here.