Everyday Protection Insurance

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„Lately, my friend's camera has been stolen. He was worried because this device was very expensive. If it happened to me I would not be worried – because I have insurance.“

Unauthorized use of a debit card, damage of a mobile phone or theft of wallet – many of us at least once in our lives experienced the unpleasant consequences of these events. Do not let these unexpected problems destroy your calm. Protect your daily belongings with insurance „Everyday Protection“.

„Everyday Protection“ is available in two variants, so that you can easily adapt protection that you expect to your lifestyle:

Everyday Protection Standard

We want to protect your budget from unexpected expenses. That’s why we offer you an insurance that will cover the costs in case of loss of your personal documents, home or car keys, money, shopping, and electronic devices such as a phone or tablet. Within variant Standard you receive real benefits for a reasonable premium.

Everyday Protection Premium

Deciding on Premium variant you protect not only your personal documents, keys, money or shopping. In addition, also your and your family mobile devices are covered by insurance, because apart from the mobile phone and tablet you gain the protection also e.g. pocket computers, ebook readers, MP3, GPS and portable gaming console. You are protected and you can actively use all your devices in the way you like.

Risks covered:

  • – Unauthorized use of the debit card as a result of theft, burglary or robbery
  • – Robbery of cash withdrawn from ATM
  • – Theft, robbery or burglary of personal documents, home and car keys, wallet and registration plates
  • – Theft, robbery, burglary or accidental damage of purchased goods
  • – Unauthorized use of the SIM/USIM card after robbery or burglary of mobile phone
  • – Robbery, burglary or accidental damage of mobile phone (including Smartphone) and tablet
  • In addition, within Premium variant: pocket computers, ebook readers, mp3, mp4, GPS, portable gaming consoles, devices for taking photographs and filming, dictaphones, pocket printers, netbook

Benefits in case of insurance event (for both variants):

In case of theft, burglary, robbery you will be indemnified with the amount that was stolen from you (the maximum amount of benefit to each insurance event is defined in the GTC).

Depending on the type of accidental damage, we will repair or replace or indemnify your device or purchased good.

Documents to download:

  • – In order to get the documents, click here.