Credit Card Insurance

„If I were physically unable to pay the installments, I would want to shield my loved ones from any obligation to pay my debts.“

Credit Card Insurance brings protection in case of revolving loans associated to a credit card against unexpected events, allowing the insured person and his/her family to have their mind free of current debts.

Credit card insurance distributed through Bank Millennium S.A. within eurobank offer (withdrawn from sale) include the following risks and offers:

Risks covered:

  • – Death
  • – Permanent Total Disability to Work
  • – And additionally, depending on source of income:
    • Involuntary Loss of Employment
    • Temporary Total Disability

Benefits in case of insurance event:

In case of death or Permanent Total Disability, we will pay to the beneficiary up to 106% of the outstanding debt amount at the day before the occurrence date.

In case of Involuntary Loss of Employment or Temporary Total Disability, we will pay up to 6 monthly reimbursements required to the credit card account.

Documents to download:

  • – In order to get the documents, click here.