Mortgage Insurance

„If an unexpected event was to keep me from paying my loan’s monthly installments, I’d need help to ensure my family’s financial security and keep my property.“

Choosing a place to live is an important step in life but also represents a high investment. Our mortgage insurance is aimed at giving security to the insured person by covering him/her for the whole duration of the loan.

Mortgage insurance distributed through Bank Millennium S.A. within eurobank offer (withdrawn from sale) include the following risks and offers:

Risks covered:

  • – Death (including Death as a result of Accident
      with option of increased sum insured in case
      of Death as a result of Motor Vehicle Accident)
  • – Permanent Total Disability
  • – And additionally Involuntary Loss of Employment

Benefits in case of insurance event:

In case of death or Permanent Total Disability, we will pay to the beneficiary 100% of the sum insured. In case of Death as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident, the sum insured is increased by PLN 50,000.

In case of Involuntary Loss of Employment, we will pay up to 12 months or up to PLN 60,000 of your monthly installments.

Documents to download:

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