Your Wallet Insurance

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„Recently, a new handbag has been stolen with my friend, along with all its contents: wallet, cash, ATM card and documents... – because I have insurance.“

„Recently, my friend went abroad to a concert, unfortunately he had an accident and could not use either an air ticket or a concert ticket.If it happened to me, I would not be worried - because I have insurance “

Unauthorized use of a debit card, theft of a city bag or wallet, impossibility to use tickets for a cultural or communication event. Do not let these unexpected problems disturb your peace by choosing Your Wallet insurance.

Your Wallet insurance is available in two variants, so that you can easily match the protection you need for your lifestyle:

Your Wallet Standard Variant:

By choosing the Standard option, you protect your wallet with a debit card and personal documents.

Your Wallet Premium Variant:

When choosing the Premium option, you not only secure your wallet with a debit card and documents. In addition, you also protect your city bag, cash in your wallet or city bag, as well as transport tickets (e.g. air tickets) or an event, in case you cannot use them.

Risks covered:

  • – Unauthorized use of the debit card as a result of theft, burglary or robbery
  • – Loss of cash withdrawn from an ATM
  • – Theft, burglary or robbery regarding documents, periodic monthly tickets and wallet.
  • And in the Premium variant:Theft, burglary or robbery of wallet/city bag and cash stored in a wallet/city bag

Benefits in case of insurance event (for both variants):

In the case of theft, burglary, robbery, we will pay you the amount of the benefit in the amount of your loss (the maximum amount of benefit for each risk is specified in the GTC).

Documents to download:

  • – In order to get the documents, click here.